Surgical Treatments

Extractions, Jaw Fracture and Pre Cancerous Lesions Treatment

32 Pearls team along with our Oral Surgeon is having expertise in dental surgeries like:
  • Extraction of Fractured teeth
  • Impacted Wisdom teeth
  • Operculectomy (Removal of skin covering wisdom tooth)
  • Biopsy of Suspected precancerous lesions ( bloodless with Laser))
  • Surgical treatment of Suspected precancerous lesion like OSMF, Lichen Planus, Leukoplakia
  • Removal of Cyst And Tumor Removal
  • Fractures of Jaws (Wiring Plating)
  • Gum surgery
  • Treatment of facial pain disorders, including those caused by temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems
  • Frenum removal surgery (Frenectomy), Tongue tie
Most of the procedures are painless with minimum or no bleeding and done with Advanced technologies using Laser Assisted Microscope Dentistry.  

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So if you are looking for the Best Dental Surgeon in Lucknow for painless and minimum Invasive surgeries with Lasers and Microscope along with Maximum Comfort , 32 Pearls Multispecialty Dental Clinic is your answer. You can visit us /Call / whats app us for an online / offline appointment at +91-9839106789

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32 Pearls Multispecialty Dental Clinic awarded the Best Dental Clinic in Lucknow by MR KrishnamachariSrikkanth and ranked No 1 dental clinic of Lucknow by Times of India Health Survey, consisting one of the best Dentists in Lucknow along with most hitech equipments

32 Pearls Multispecility Dental Clinic

32 Pearls Multispeciality Dental Clinic has been awarded as the BEST DENTAL CLINIC IN LUCKNOW  by MR Krishnamachari Srikkanth and also Ranked No 1 by Times of India Survery. The clinic ensures that all procedures, materials, equipments and techniques confirm to International standards.