Orthodontics ( Braces and Aligners)

The position of your teeth and jaws has an effect on your bite.

A bad bite can result in:

  • Difficulty to chew some foods
  • Cause some teeth to wear down.
  • Increased number of cavities due to the difficulty of cleaning overlapping teeth
  • Fractures in poorly positioned teethas the teeth that stick out are more easily chipped or broken.
  • Chronic inflammation of the gums
  • Muscle tension and TMJ joint pain

Fixing a bad bite not only improves your overall smile but also improves the functioning of the teeth and the jaw muscles in general. Straight teeth are easier to clean and less likely to get tooth decay or injured.

Dental Braces and Aligners are appliances that are used to align or straighten crooked teeth, spacing in teeth, forwardly placed teeth, improper jaw closure or smile corrections.

When worn over a period of time, these appliances put gentle pressure on your teeth thereby moving your teeth into the right position. Proper brushing and flossing is even more important.

Today, not only teens but more and more adults are also undergoing orthodontic treatment to realign their teeth permanently. Today’s braces are more esthetic, smaller in size and less noticeable.  Dr Shally Mahajan, an Orthodontist and a Certified Inman and Invisalign Provider at 32 Pearls is having 18 years of experience. She and her enthusiastic team is dedicated to creating outstanding beautiful healthy smiles that will last a lifetime.

Types of Braces

Metal Braces  -Traditional and most common type of braces

Ceramic (Tooth Coloured) Braces – Tooth color braces that blends more naturally with your teeth

Lingual / Invisible Braces  – These are braces placed on the underside of teeth. The individual Bracket is customized using CAD-CAM / 3D Designing. The treatment is highly aesthetic and less visible.

Inman Aligners – A removable simple, rapid and effective way to align front teeth

Clear Aligners/ Invisalign (Latest) – Thin transparent trays to straighten teeth just like braces by using gentle force to move teeth to desired position.

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