Microscopic Dentistry

Teeth like the eyes, nose and ear are normally small structures. We at 32 Pearls Multispecialty Dental Clinic, Lucknow take extreme care to deliver the latest and the best to preserve every bit of healthy tooth structure and the tissues surrounding your teeth and oral cavity. For the greatest accuracy in treating your mouth, Dr. Vipul Kumar  Srivastava practices a number of Microscope-Assisted Minimum Invasive Endodontic Techniques.

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The magnification provided by the dental microscope or magnifying loupes/spectacles highly improves the quality of the fillings, RCT’s, crown and Dental  bridge preparations and almost all clinical procedures done in dental clinic. Many dental procedures right from patient education to various oral surgical procedures performed routinely in a dental clinic use an operating microscope to provide of greater precision and accuracy.

Microscopes offer additional methods like :

Diagnosis Of Caries
Clinical Visual Inspection Of Cracks And Fractures
Veneer And Crown Preparation
Cavity Prepration 
Endodontic Therapy
Periodontal Procedures

The patients co-operate better during the treatment as they are able to see an enlarged version of what treatment is being done in their mouth on a Big TV screen. It also ensures better compliance with advice given.

Dental Surgical and cosmetic procedures done with Lasers under microscope helps us to deliver minimally invasive (minimum tissue damage) and pain free dentistry and a much better quality of life.
Root Canal Treatments performed under microscope have higher chances of success.
Other Endodontic challenges and like Failed Root Canals, Or Removal of Broken Files deep inside the roots of teeth can be successfully carried out as the dentist is able to see the root canals of the teeth much better and clearer under magnification.
Cleaning of the teeth done under the microscope affords better removal of tartar and stains and cleaner teeth at the end.
While preparing the tooth for crown, the margins of teeth can be made more neater and precise, thus allowing a much better fit of the artificial crown or bridge, offering better esthetics and longer life with less problems like leakage and failure thereby increasing the longevity of the treatment.
The dentist who uses the microscope is much more comfortable and avoids un-due strain on his neck and back. The up-right posture can be maintained during almost all procedures, which is otherwise impossible. As said by someone “You can only treat what you can see well.” Microscope-enhanced dentistry is a standard feature which aims a dentist to move his practice closer to zero-defect restorative dentistry”.

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