Dental problems are like dormant volcanoes. Can erupt anytime. Unlike medical problems, damage happens first and pain or other symptoms appear later in dental ailments.

 Dental Visit

  • Regular dental visits are essential for maintaining good oral health.
  • Please understand that the dental procedures are no more painful as it used to be. Your dentist will use anesthetic sprays and injections to suppress pain.
  • Chat with the dentist to let him understand your problems better. If you are feeling any discomfort during treatment, signal the dentist to stop.
  • During the dental visit, ask the dentist to explain each step of the dental procedure before hand, if needed.

For the bride to be

A beautiful, bright smile is your best calling card, an effective and powerful way to communicate your feelings. As the gracious and demure bride you’ll have a lot of smiling to do, and no designer outfit, however gorgeous, is going to come to your rescue.
So don’t let your smile let you down.
It’s amazing what a transformation a good dental job can achieve for your face. It would be wise to get an appointment with your dentist a few months before the wedding.

  • Coffee, tea and nicotine leave residues that build up over a period and darken the teeth. If your teeth are stained, perhaps you should consider polishing or whitening them.
  • Porcelain Veneers – The dentist grinds down the front of the tooth surface and then the porcelain is bonded to the tooth. The results are the teeth become lighter, spaces between them can be closed, and the shape of the teeth can be changed. The procedure can be done for one or all of your front teeth, but is not usually used for the posterior teeth.. Costs Rs. 7,000/- -Rs. 12,000/- per tooth
  • Porcelain Crowns (caps) – The process is similar to that of veneers, except you have to grind down the entire tooth, and then a cover or cap is made to cover each tooth. The procedure cost ranges from Rs. 5,000/- – Rs. 10,000/-per tooth
  • Bleaching – Bleaching your teeth can change the color to several shades lighter. The whole procedure just requires single sitting of 45 minutes. Costs around Rs. 8,000/- – Rs. 15,000/-
  • Regular dental visits are essential for maintaining good oral health.
  • Brushing And Flossing – Commit to the basics of brushing teeth twice a day for three to five minutes, and floss regularly.
  • Gargling – Various mouthwashes such as Listerine are available in the supermarket and is commonly used now.
  • Once have your gorgeous smile, you want to keep it that way so, a smart move is to get a dental checkup and cleaning every 4-6 months


General Tips

Eat balanced food, that have minerals and vitamins. Avoid eating sweets or sticky food between meals. Brush your teeth after every meal. Use a good tooth paste and tooth brush. Visit your dentist once in 6 months.
If your child has protruding or misaligned teeth, start orthodontic treatments early (9 years age), for better results.
Never put off meeting your dentist. Minor pain and sensitivity, if untreated can lead to major complications. Make use of the wealth of information on this site to maintain healthy teeth!!

  • Electric Tooth Brushes- The Necessary Accessories
    Electric tooth brushes are great for your dental health and just like any other electronic device, it must also have some basic accessories in order for it to work. The elderly patients also benefit from these technologies that allows them fast brushing of the teeth they have left making them last longer. Parents who have to brush squirming kids get faster results giving their children the proper care they need.
  • Choosing The Right Manual Toothbrush
    Choose a brush that has soft, polished bristles and rounded ends. Brushes with hard bristles can injure your gums. It is also a must for you to change or replace your tooth brush once in every three months or as early as when the bristles are frayed. There are some brushes which was made with replacement indicators to remind you when you should purchase a new one.
  • Dental Sealants
    Dental sealants are thin, plastic films painted on chewing surfaces of the back teeth that serve as a host to food debris and plaque build-up. Research has shown that sealants actually stop cavities when placed on top of a slightly decayed tooth because it seals off the supply of nutrients to the bacteria that causes the cavity. Sealants are especially beneficial for children because their newly erupted, permanent teeth are most susceptible to cavities, however patients of all ages can benefit from dental sealants.
  • Eat a nutritious, well balanced diet. Limit between meal snacks to reduce acid formation in the mouth.
  • Schedule regular check ups with dental professionals to maintain healthy teeth and gums.


Rampant Caries

The disease is caused by prolonged exposure of a child’s teeth to liquids containing sugars (e.g. milk, juices, syrups). The sugars in these liquids are acted upon by bacteria in the mouth to form acids, which attack the tooth enamel.How can I prevent baby bottle tooth decay?

  • Avoid filling your child’s nursing bottle with liquids such as sugared water, honey or soft drinks
  • Never allow your child to fall asleep with a bottle containing milk or sweetened liquids
  • If your child needs a comforter between regular feedings, give him a bottle of cool water instead
  • Clean your child’s teeth with a damp washcloth or gauze pad after each feeding
  • Begin brushing your child’s teeth as soon as the first tooth erupts
  • Start dental visits from age 1


Brushing Technique

Brushing your teeth at least twice daily helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease, the major causes of tooth loss. Use a soft-bristle brush remove plaque and food particles. Replace your brush every two to three months.
On outer and inner surfaces, brush at a 45-degree angle in short, half-tooth-wide strokes against the gumline.
On chewing surfaces, hold the brush flat and brush back and forth.