Botulinum Toxins

Botulinum Toxins and JuvedermTM  in dentistry are used to address a number of functional and esthetic problems. Botulinum Toxins and Fillers in dentistry has many important clinical uses. They are used as an adjunct in TMJ and bruxism (teeth grinding) cases, jaw tension and for patients with chronic TMJ and facial muscle spasm and pain. They are also used to complement esthetic dentistry cases, as a minimally invasive alternative to surgically treating high lip line cases, denture patients who have trouble adjusting to new dentures, lip augmentation, and has uses in orthodontic cases where retraining of the facial muscles is necessary. 

It is a simple less than 2 minute, non surgical treatment and the effects usually last for approximately three to four months to one year, after which time the patient needs retreatment.

At 32 Pearls Multispecialty Dental Clinic, we take a comprehensive approach to not only improve your smile but also overall facial esthetics. The lines and wrinkles in and around your smile area and face sometimes masks the beauty created by even the best of restorative or cosmetic dentistry makeover procedures.

These treatments help us restore that perfect smile back on your face making it look more youthful and younger undoubtedly radiating a perfect and vibrant smile. We have staff which has undergone extensive training and also certification from one of the world’s reputed academy IAOFE and AAFE ( American Academy of Facial Esthetics, USA)


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32 Pearls Multispecility Dental Clinic

32 Pearls Multispeciality Dental Clinic has been awarded as the BEST DENTAL CLINIC IN LUCKNOW  by MR Krishnamachari Srikkanth and also Ranked No 1 by Times of India Survery. The clinic ensures that all procedures, materials, equipments and techniques confirm to International standards.